Interaction Designer

Mental Wellness platform

DXC Technology were engaged by our client to find a solution to past and present members and their families challenges around mental wellness.

The team went through a discovery and alpha phase exploring peoples pain points and needs to develop a robust understanding of what needed to be solved. I was involved in the alpha phase, testing the hypotheses developed in discovery.

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The problem

Our client had been trying to address the issues surrounding mental wellness in their area for approximately 5 years, to no avail.

They felt there was a lack of understanding of truly what the past and present serving members and their families were struggling with and what would actually help.

The discovery findings landed the team on this hypotheses to take into Alpha:
We believe we can improve the ability for members to find the right information at the right time by improving accessibility, clarity and awareness of information.

Interaction design

Tasks include:

  • Translate discovery findings into relevant and effective prototypes
  • Plan and facilitate user research activities and usability tests
  • Synthesise findings from user engagement activities
  • Created design artefacts such as wire frames and clickable prototypes 
  • Participate in and contribute to scrum events and presentations to the broader team and product stakeholders
design thinking

“Ryan worked on our team through the discovery and alpha phases of our mental health support project. Without hesitation I can say that the level of energy, enthusiasm and commitment Ryan brought to every interaction was inspirational. His technical knowledge was outstanding but it was his curiosity for learning about the user needs and his demeanour that resulted in an excellent level of engagement through building trust and rapport during user testing with ADF members and their families. Ryan assisted both the business stakeholders and users to understand the outcomes of the work and confidently communicated the benefits of shaping this product through co-design.”

E.Wheeler-Stewart, Product Owner, representative of the client

What I learnt

Being my first product for DXC it was a solidification of my understanding of agile methodologies, the scrum framework, and human centred design.
It taught me the value of well planned user research sessions and the necessity to have a flexible approach to prototyping to explore the most unique and possible solutions for our users.